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My Background

I am a board-licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) who provides natural family medicine for patients in Colorado and Oregon. I completed my 4-year Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), the oldest accredited ND program in the US. I interned with physicians focusing on natural fertility, women's health, mental health and pediatrics. I have additional training in pelvic floor physical therapy and clinical homeopathy. I completed my Bachelor of Science in chemistry with a biochemistry speciality at Colorado School of Mines. My prior experience includes public health epidemiology, education and assistance in research focused on microbiology diagnostics and cancer diagnostics.


My Story

I aspired to be a doctor from an early age, but I realized over time that my vision didn't align with our conventional medical model. Throughout adolescence, I struggled with chronic skin and digestive conditions, which I believed was my permanent state of health. l discovered naturopathic medicine during my undergraduate studies and knew it was my calling. With naturopathic medicine, I learned ways to heal physically, which involved peeling away layers of trauma and disease to allow for my true, transformative healing process. I would never know the freedom of wellness without naturopathic medicine, and it is one of my greatest joys to aid in this healing process for others.  

While I was applying for graduate school, my spouse and I were diagnosed with "infertility of unknown origin”. After trying to conceive for years, we accepted that our life path would not include biological children. During my second year at NUNM, I trained at a naturopathic fertility clinic, and I began to weave the medicine I learned into my own life. Within months, we conceived naturally and now have two beautiful, healthy children who fill our lives with so much joy and wonder. I am very passionate about supporting families on their unique fertility journeys. 

My Life

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy spending time in nature with my spouse, Scott, and our two adventurous children. I love organic cooking, devouring Scott's culinary creations, gardening, reading, hiking, traveling, music, and laughter.

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